Polish Breeds


Malopolska Horse (m)

rasa_mTheir pedigrees combine pure Arabian and Thoroughbred, as well as various Austro-Hungarian lines, such as Schagya, Gidran, Przedswit or Furioso. Malopolska horses are good-looking, with lean body, beautiful head and expressive eyes. They demonstrate good basic gaits and have excellent endurance.


Wielkopolska Horse (wlkp)

rasa_wlkpThis breed was developed on the basis of Poznan, Trakehner and East Prussian horses, as well as a few other German halfbreds, for example the Hanoverian. The desirable qualities of Wielkopolska breed are excellent jumping ability, good movement and rideability, combined with cooperative and attentive attitude to humans.


Polish Halfbred Horse (sp)

rasa_spThis is a sport horse breed used primarily in showjumping and dressage. Polish halfbred horses are born mainly by breeding Polish or foreign origin broodmares to foreign stallions or their Polish bred sons.


Silesian Horse (śl)

rasa_slThis is the heaviest breed among Polish warmbloods. It was developed by cross-breeding of warmblood mares originating from the region of Silesia and Oldenburg or East Frisian sires. They can be successfully used in equestrian sports, particularly in the discipline of driving.


Polish Coldblood Horse (z)

rasa_pkzThis is the most numerous population among all Polish breeds. They are mostly bred for slaughter, however, more and more people appreciate these horses in agritourism and organic farms for driving or riding.


Polish Konik (kn)

rasa_knThis is a primitive breed which descends from Tarpan wild horses. A certain number of Polish koniks dwell semi-wild in their natural habitat. The stabled ones are popular in hippotherapy centres and agritourism farms.
Stud-book of Origin of Konik polski breed


Hucul Horse (hc)

rasa_hcThis is a primitive horse breed that comes from Carpathians. Huculs are superb mounts for children and adults hiking in mountains. They may also be used in hippotherapy or recreational riding.
Stud-book of Origin of Hucul Horses


Polish Pony (kuc)

rasa kuc - księgaThere are three sections of Polish Pony Stood Book:
Section I - Polish Shetland Pony (p. kuc szetl.). These are all colours small ponies, up to 110 cm, bred mainly as pets. Please note that there is a separate stood book for pure bred Shetland ponies which is The Polish Shetland Pony Stood-Book.
Section II - Polish Riding Pony (pkw). These are ponies that are 111 - 148 cm tall. They are good riding horses for children and youth riders both for sport and leasure or hippotherapy.
Section III - Felin Pony (kf). These are Polish bred sport ponies that descend from Arab horses, Polish koniks, Malopolska horses and Welsh ponies. The minimum height is 117 cm and maximum is 148 cm.


Photo: Paulina Peckiel

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