Polish Breeds


Malopolska Horse (m)

rasa_mTheir ped­i­grees com­bine pure Arabian and Thoroughbred, as well as vari­ous Austro-Hungarian lines, such as Schagya, Gidran, Przedswit or Furioso. Malopolska horses are good-looking, with lean body, beau­ti­ful head and express­ive eyes. They demon­strate good basic gaits and have excel­lent endurance.

Wielkopolska Horse (wlkp)

rasa_wlkpThis breed was developed on the basis of Poznan, Trakehner and East Prussian horses, as well as a few other German half­breds, for example the Hanoverian. The desir­able qual­it­ies of Wielkopolska breed are excel­lent jump­ing abil­ity, good move­ment and ride­ab­il­ity, com­bined with cooper­at­ive and attent­ive atti­tude to humans.

Polish Halfbred Horse (sp)

rasa_spThis is a sport horse breed used primar­ily in showjump­ing and dressage. Polish half­bred horses are born mainly by breed­ing Polish or for­eign ori­gin brood­mares to for­eign stal­lions or their Polish bred sons.

Silesian Horse (śl)

rasa_slThis is the heav­iest breed among Polish warmbloods. It was developed by cross-breeding of warmblood mares ori­gin­at­ing from the region of Silesia and Oldenburg or East Frisian sires. They can be suc­cess­fully used in eques­trian sports, par­tic­u­larly in the dis­cip­line of driving.

Polish Coldblood Horse (z)

rasa_pkzThis is the most numer­ous pop­u­la­tion among all Polish breeds. They are mostly bred for slaughter, how­ever, more and more people appre­ci­ate these horses in agri­t­our­ism and organic farms for driv­ing or riding.

Polish Konik (kn)

rasa_knThis is a prim­it­ive breed which des­cends from Tarpan wild horses. A cer­tain num­ber of Polish koniks dwell semi-wild in their nat­ural hab­itat. The stabled ones are pop­u­lar in hip­po­ther­apy centres and agri­t­our­ism farms.
Stud-book of Origin of Konik pol­ski breed

Hucul Horse (hc)

rasa_hcThis is a prim­it­ive horse breed that comes from Carpathians. Huculs are superb mounts for chil­dren and adults hik­ing in moun­tains. They may also be used in hip­po­ther­apy or recre­ational rid­ing.
Stud-book of Origin of Hucul Horses

Polish Pony (kuc)

rasa_kucThere are three sec­tions of Polish Pony Stood Book:
Section I - Polish Shetland Pony (p. kuc szetl.). These are all col­ours small ponies, up to 110 cm, bred mainly as pets. Please note that there is a sep­ar­ate stood book for pure bred Shetland ponies which is The Polish Shetland Pony Stood-Book.
Section II - Polish Riding Pony (pkw). These are ponies that are 111 - 148 cm tall. They are good rid­ing horses for chil­dren and youth riders both for sport and leas­ure or hip­po­ther­apy.
Section III - Felin Pony (kf). These are Polish bred sport ponies that des­cend from Arab horses, Polish koniks, Malopolska horses and Welsh ponies. The min­imum height is 117 cm and max­imum is 148 cm.

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